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How to download our cookbooks on your tablet or phone  


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03/07/2017 10:56 pm  

SizzlingPots Club Members can download our exclusive E-Cookbooks on their tablets and phones. A list of available titles is at: https://www.sizzlingpots.com/Cookbooks/


We've provided you with both a .MOBI file viewable on Kindle devices and reader apps, and an EPUB file, viewable on Apple iPad® or Android devices. You can also view it in desktop applications, or download the PDF instead . Once you've downloaded it, open it up and see how it looks on your iPad or Kindle. Keep in mind you may need to install a reader app on your iOS or Kindle device to view your book.

Amazon provides a number of ways to preview your ebook. You can view the ebook on your Kindle device or on your desktop through a free Kindle Reading App, available at

Download the Kindle version using the link provided at

There are several ways to send a document to your KINDLE

Open this email on your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch.
If you do not have the free Apple iBooks app, you’ll need to install it before downloading your book.

Download the book using the link provided

Safari will open and begin downloading the ebook to your device.
When the download is complete, you will get the option to “Open in iBooks.” Tap this button once.
iBooks will launch, import your ebook, and open it. Enjoy!

If a PDF version is provided, click on the link and open it in Adobe PDF Reader or similar PDF application on your PC or MAC

Connect to Wi-Fi: Image-rich ebooks can be quite large, so downloading and importing them to iBooks can take several minutes.
Make room: Be sure you have enough free space on your device or the download may fail.
Be patient: iBooks gives you very little feedback while it’s opening the file, so you might want to wait and check your device after a few minutes.
Look in iBooks: Can’t find your book? Make sure you’re not in the PDFs Collection. Just tap the Collections button in your iBooks library.


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