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Now here’s a delicious dessert that you can make from the most unlikely ingredient- Beetroot. Usually these deep red roots are eaten boiled or combined with any salad vegetable, but our recipe will transform this into a dessert that will amaze everyone.

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Keeping in mind the Christmas spirit we tried to come up with our own family recipe for “Walnut ice-cream cake with chocolate and caramel drizzle” in our favorite magic, Instant pot. Eggless so that vegetarians can enjoy it as well.

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For most of us, outside of macaroons, magic bar cookies, or coconut cream pie, we don’t see a lot of coconut. And there are so many types of coconut for use in cooking than that ubiquitous bag of white flakes! So how are you to know what is a must-try, and what is better avoided? Fortunately for you, we’ve taken care of that! Peruse and enjoy this list of ten coconut food items and decide which you should try… or skip.

Just as surely as Summer comes, Summer ends. Vacations come and go. But don’t let the good times be ruined at the end. Any of these delicious treats will make your stomach so happy, while also supplying your body with nutrition and energy. So treat yourself! Beat the blues with an amazing meal, knowing that you’re also powering up to face tomorrow. Whether it’s work or school, you’ll take it on with your head held high. You’ve got this!

These are among the most popular items on the menu, and for a good reason. With chicken, chestnuts and a delicious sauce served with crispy lettuce leaves, these wraps are super healthy and addictive!!

Our mission is to inspire you to make great food in your own kitchen.

Featuring Chef Alex Mirales ..a classic Mexican dish that can be made as mild or as spicy as you wish. The deliciously creamy green poblano sauce smothers perfectly grilled chicken, stuffed with some more of the spicy poblano goodness and cheese, to perfectly balance the heat. You really can’t go wrong here!

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